Let me make it clear before you read this I AM NOT A POET. I write poems for fun and to release my emotions at that specific moment. I wrote this back in 2011 after I felt betrayed by a friend, instead of confronting her I wrote this poem. Since I have a blog I might as well share it. Enjoy!

 So much pain inside me,
So much hatred and rage.
Many things are uncertain
You have back stabbed me
My wounds shall never
Be healed nor forgotten
You tortured me sweetly.
My heart shall never be mended
You betrayed the only trust
I ever had for you.
You called yourself my friend,
But all you were was a
Two faced bitch!
Like a jackal you hid
Your evil deeds.
Your reward was my trust.
Like Lucifer you wanted my soul.
Your obsession urged you to control my life.
You craved for my blood.
You wanted my whole life.
The sight of you now
Only gives me sorrow
I dread to come near you,
for now I know who
you really are.
My confidence is catalyzed.
My ability to forgive
Has been renewed.
I am no more,
Who I was.
You shall never conquer me!!

MOON worship

I have discovered that everything in the universe has a meaning and there is a reason for its existence. I  was gazing upon the full  moon the other day ,admiring its beauty. I have always been attracted to the moon and one day I stumbled upon a book at the library and  I discovered the following.

According to the book of  Astrology and  your destiny by Richard Craze, Staci Mendoza and David Borne; the moon is mysterious and known by many and is worshipped by many cultures throughout the world. Due to the moon’s ever changing cycle the moon was seen as immortal and as the place to which souls departed at death ( creepy right?).  We all know the scientific facts about the moon  but I will share with you all of the legends that are associated with the moon.  Below you will see the god and goddess worshiped by many cultures throughout the world .

  • The Mayans moons goddess Ixchel , the bringer of floods and storms and she is also known as the protector of women in childbirth.

  • In Sumerian mythology  the principal moon god is Sin and also known as Nanna is associated with the new moon and the responsible for  the fertility  of the land , for food production and the protection of herds.

  • In American mythology , the spider has universal links to the moon with links with the moon is the weaver of webs creation , producing the physical world and nurturing life.


To me the moon is the personification of female  wisdom, the wisdom of intuitive knowledge and deep instincts. She cannot be tamed by rational thought, she is a free spirit, full of beauty and mystery.

The “introvert”

One might describe me as an introvert or being too quiet the first time we meet. I can agree I can be a little quiet and try to blend in with the walls just not to be noticed.  Somehow I like that because people tend to keep their distance from me in my fucking mind I am excited, happy . Because I won’t have a conversation with you human. I hate small talk! I know its the basics of starting a proper conversation but that just drains my energy. So please the next time we meet just get to the point… Well you  might start by saying “hi” and “how are you”.

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