This thing called life is not doing it for anymore. Do not get me wrong I am not suicidal I love living , I am just tired of this life thing. Everyday I see as a new opportunity to view things differently, try to be positive. But what does life do ? It FUCKS me so hard that I regret even trying to do things. Every glorious day I  have a mantra ” Today is my day,  today will be better,I will be completely happy, I will accomplish my daily goals and TODAY IS A GOOD DAY. ” You do see that I am trying to be positive, right?

My mornings are usually drama free, but once it becomes the afternoon everything changes.  People try to provoke me, challenges arises then from there it is just drama after drama after drama!!! I am used to it now ; every time a situation arises I just take a deep breath and try by all means to avoid the drama. But I just cannot seem to avoid it! Its like if my life is drama free I feel that something is wrong. I know that no one is perfect and we all have challenges we face but this life thing is just too much!! I  seriously need a break from you life and your challenges.

I wish life had a manual book that I look at whenever I face a certain situation. Maybe chapter 2 page 25 the heading will be How to avoid ……….. then there will be steps that will lead you to a solution suitable for your current situation. I seriously need that book!!



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