Living in the present moment.


” Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have ” – Eckhart Tolle

Life’s important lesson is to live in the now, the present moment. Enjoy every second , minute or hour ! Sometimes we get distracted by our thoughts and forget that today is a new day and  you are still alive. Learn to appreciate what is around you. LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!

” The past has no power over the present moment ” – Eckhart Tolle

Living in the present moment requires you to realize that the past has no power over the present moment. We all have past experiences whether it is something that happened yesterday, two weeks ago, a year ago or years ago. That is all in the past: bad experiences might leave scares that might haunt you for years, remember that the past has no power over the present moment. LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!

Negative thoughts can be something very lethal to us as humans. We can sometimes find ourselves caught up in negative thoughts and the more you think the more you complicate the situation that you are presented with. Next time you find yourself caught up in those negative thoughts, anxiety, stress and worry always ask yourself this question ” What is the worst case scenario?”

Remember you are uncertain of what the future might present to you an you are not defined by your past. You represent the present, be in the now, the present moment. Live your life!






Winnie the Pooh is a girl?!

Winnie the Pooh bear has been trending on twitter, ya’ll been saying that Winnie the pooh is a girl. THESE ARE ALL LIES! You cannot just ruin my childhood like that, Winnie the pooh bear has always been a boy. Where is your evidence?NO NO NO, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT WINNIE THE POOH IS A GIRL.

Let me leave this here if you have any doubts about Winnie the Pooh’s gender here is his bio.


Now remove all of the nonsense that you have been told and stick to what you have always known.

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